Arbor Autumn Census 2021 guidance

Posted  21st September 2021
Posted by  Georgina Rowlands

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Arbor Census

Thursday 7th October 2021 is census day but for all you eager beavers you can carry out a dry run in Arbor from Thursday 23rd September 2021.

Simply click on the banner at the top of your Arbor screen or follow the route School > Data > Export > Data Returns. There you can click on School Census and generate Dry Run!

All your guides are listed here;

Primary   Secondary   All-through

And any other information or error code checking can be done here

So what’s changed?

Alternative Provision details

Schools have two new areas to record details for students they’ve sent to Alternative Provision placements, and students they are providing Alternative Provision placements to see how to record this here: Recording Alternative Provision placement details.

This data is only being collected in the Spring term School census, but you may wish to start recording these details for the Autumn term now if you want to return this information in Spring.

Please note that these areas are optional.

Learner funding and monitoring (FAM)

Schools can add the new funding types to Student Profiles to report they are in receipt of catch-up funding. This is required for the Autumn census. You can see how to add this to students here

For the Spring census, schools will need to return the cumulative total number of hours the pupil has received of school-led tutoring. Arbor are building this for the Spring census.


The DfE will begin referring to Fixed Period Exclusions as 'suspensions' from Autumn 2021. Arbor won’t be changing the terminology, but censuses will display Suspensions in data tables so you can make sure you’re submitting the correct data. For Permanent Exclusions that are still going through the review process, you can tick the Do not return in school census box to prevent errors in your Autumn Census.

Post-16 Programmes

Not applicable to Primaries or secondaries without 6th forms

For the Autumn Census, programme aims will be collected for both on and off roll pupils. You’ll also need to specify a Programme Aim Type for each student on each Programme. We’ve made this 16 to 19 Study Programme by default, but you can change this to T level if needed.

Take a look at Arbor’s guidance, click here

As always SBS are here and ready to help so please do drop us an email or call 0345 222 1551 | Opt 3

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