Heading back to normality (ish)

Heading back to normality (ish)

Posted  1st March 2021

Heading back to normality (ish)

With the news that we’re all heading back to class, here’s a reminder of some of the areas in Arbor you may need to change for the 8th March.

Bubble groups

Schools should continue to use classes or year groups to group students together, but these should not be run alongside other timetables. No separate bubble classes or registers should be used, so you’ll need to end their timetable slots and revert back to your normal timetable. If you only used bubble classes (no standard timetable) you’ll need to setup new classes, so do let us know if you need help with this.

Ending your bubble classes

Go to School > Timetable > Timetable Administration > Timetable Slots. Use the filters or sort using the column headers to look at your bubble classes.

Tick the boxes next to the classes to select, then click the blue pencil icon and choose Edit Effective Dates.

You should complete your adjustments in batches if they started on different dates. Select only the classes that started on the same date (shown in the Effective Dates column). If all your classes started on the same date you can select them all.

Add in the Effective Date - this should be the original start date scheduled. Add in an End date of the 5th March, the last day your bubble classes should run.

Check to confirm that you would like to change all the listed timetabled lessons, then click Save Changes. You will then need to repeat this for any classes that started on a different date.

Top Tip: You can check which classes will be running on the 8th March by going to Students > Attendance > Historic Registers and changing the date to the 8th.

Changing your standard timetable

Whether you need to edit your existing timetable, import a new one or stagger start times check out Arbor’s guide to all eventualities here.

Automatic Attendance switch off

Remember from the 8th March you will no longer have the overnight automatic allocation for missing attendance marks, so it’s back to business as usual. Follow the route Students > Attendance > Bulk edit marks to make sure all your marks are in order.

Clubs, Wraparound Care

Remember to check your childcare and clubs for dates and start / end times or if you want to know how to set them up, check out this helpful guide for childcare  or for clubs.


If you use the Meals module in Arbor you may wish to create different meal times for different student groups. You might need to edit your meal sitting times, or create more meal sittings from School > Meals > Setup > Meal > Meal Sittings Scheduled.

Click into a slot to edit the time of the sitting, or click the green button at the top to add a new sitting.

To move students to a different meal sitting, return back to the Setup page and click into the Attendees section and go to the Automatic Group Attendees tab. Here you'll see your student groups in each sitting.

To move a group into a different sitting, click the group and click Remove Automatic Attendees.

Then click +Add in the section for your other sitting and select that student group to add them.

Arborfest is back and as popular as ever! Use the link below to book your free tickets and discover new ways of working with your Arbor system, workshops, and feedback forums!


Contacting us

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