Vital new service to protect your data - Enabling Encryption on Microsoft SQL Server

Posted  22nd June 2021
Posted by  Laura Bagnall

Vital new service to protect your data - Enabling Encryption on Microsoft SQL Server

It has recently been reported in the news that two schools were forced to close after hackers accessed their servers, stole data and encrypted student information which prevented the schools from accessing it. 

Tunbridge Wells: Skinner Kent schools closed after data breach - BBC News

In a school or MAT setting the majority of confidential data will be stored within their MIS and as such it is essential to put in place appropriate organisational and technical measures to protect any data stored within your school’s management information system.

Article 32 of the UK GDPR gives encryption as an example of an appropriate technical measure to protect data. It goes on further to say that had encryption been used, then in many of the cases where data has been accessed or stolen, the damage and distress caused could have been minimised or in some cases avoided entirely.

Encryption | ICO

How can SBS help?

We have investigated a number of encryption methods and can offer two options to ensure your SIMS data is encrypted (AES encryption algorithm) and secure. These options have been fully tested and meet industry standard data protection requirements. 

In order to be able to ensure that we offer you the most suitable option for your needs we would first need to carry out an investigation to establish how your SIMS server is setup. Once this is completed, we will be able to schedule and carry out the work which should take around a half day in most circumstances.

Cost of service

SBS are offering this vital new protection service for £200 per school and bookings are now being taken.

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To discuss how we can help to ensure that your data is safe, please contact one of our consultants by emailing .

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