New and updated KS4 Resources available

Posted  30th September 2016

New KS4 Inspection Dashboard Report

Capita have released a new report which presents this year’s current data against previous years. Schools will be familiar with the Inspection Dashboard provided to schools in RAISE which presents school figures for 2015 and the previous two years. Schools have expressed an interest in presenting their own data in a similar form for this year’s current data, so Capita have provided a report which does just that for the new headline measures of Progress 8, Attainment 8 and the headline threshold measures of a Good Pass in English and Maths, Ebacc, and now percentages of students entered for Ebacc.

How to use these reports

If your school has been using the existing KS4 resources with the Mapping Tool, then for this year’s year 11 and beyond the report should just import and run. The Excel template upon which this report is based is also provided should schools wish to personalise it and add historical data, for which there is a tab on the spreadsheet which gives instructions. To download the new report and template please download the latest SIMS Assessment KS4 Resources zip below which has been updated with the new files. Download now! ⟶ Schools may also be interested in a free Capita webinar looking at the Dashboard on 5th October 2016 at 4 p.m. Register your place! ⟶

New versions of CAS KS4 Overview templates with 2016 values

Schools will have received access to their data checking exercise, which includes a provisional result for the Progress 8 figure.  The DfE has also released the national figures upon which this value has been calculated. In order for schools to rerun their 2016 results calculations using these new figures and check their results, new versions of all of the CAS KS4 Overview templates are also available within the Assessment KS4 Resources zip. Schools will need to import the templates (please note these are very big files so only import the ones you need), make a clone of the 2016 one for the TP June 2016 Exam result set and recalculate the marksheet for last year’s year 11 results. Should you require any assistance please contact our Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email