SIMS Census Workstation patch & Fileset 1901

Posted  9th September 2021
Posted by  MIS Service Desk

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Funding and monitoring (FAM)

The DfE have made changes to the Attendance list subcodes to bring the list in line with what will be collected in the academic year 2021/22. These DfE changes are reflected in the following changes to the subcodes available for session registration within SIMS.

  • Two existing Covid related attendance subcodes of X03/04 are set to inactive, so that they can continue to be reported historically for academic year 2020/21, but cannot be selected for academic year 2021/22
  • Two new Covid related attendance subcodes of X08/09 added for use in academic year 2021/22.
    They should not be selected when editing data for academic year 2020/21.

You may not know but the DfE has introduced a new section in the XML return file, which they refer to as FAM (Funding and Monitoring), for collecting the funding and monitoring data required for the DfE education recovery initiative.

These changes are put in place by Workstation Patch 1 for the SIMS 7 Summer Release 2021 and will be included in the SIMS 7 Autumn Release 2021. This workstation patch will also provide functionality to deal with the following very late changes to DfE specifications.

DfE for Academic Year 2021/22

The new Tools | Statutory Returns Tools | Update Funding and Monitoring menu route will provide data entry and editing functionality for the following new pupil fields. 

The two post-16 fields will not be relevant to primary schools (so you won’t see them if you're a primary)

  • 16-19 Tuition Fund
  • Repeating Year 13
  • School Led Tutoring
  • Cumulative Hours for School Led Tutoring as at Autumn Census
  • Cumulative Hours for School Led Tutoring as at Spring Census
  • Cumulative Hours for School Led Tutoring as at Summer Census

The list of pupils will be restricted to those who are on roll on the relevant census reference date plus pupils who left between 01/08/2021 and the relevant census reference date (inclusive).

Filters will be included to identify particular groups of pupils who are likely to be involved with particular aspects of the education recovery funding, e.g. Deprivation Pupil Premium.

ESS SIMS - Update Funding and Monitoring

ESS SIMS are releasing a workstation patch, due for release Tuesday 14th September, which will need to be installed before the Autumn Census (07/10/21) and is also dependant on having Fileset 1901 installed.

SBS’s MIS team will roll this out to customers who purchase the SIMS upgrade service, otherwise please forward to your IT/SIMS Upgrade team

Please note: We will update this blog with both the patch and fileset once released.

For more information you can find the DFE Guidance by clicking here

For more information or to book in the workstation patch update with SBS MIS, please contact the MIS Service Desk or call 0345 222 1551 | Opt 3

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