*Important Action Required* SIMS/FMS Annual Entitlement Agreement – are you ready?

Posted  31st January 2022
Posted by  MIS Service Desk

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As an accredited MIS support provider we wanted to let schools know about the latest guidance on SIMS/FMS licensing from ESS.

The full message from ESS is below. Important things often have depth and detail so these are the headlines and key dates for schools:

        • ESS' Local Authority Annual Entitlement agreement expires on 31st March 2022 meaning any schools using SIMS/FMS will be directly with ESS from 1st April 2022
      • Not sure what your MIS future holds? There is Break Clause Offer whereby you contract directly with ESS from 1st April 2022, with the peace of mind that you can give notice on the 31st August 2022 to end your contract on 30th September 2022. To take advantage of this, you must submit his Break Clause Offer before  20th February 2022
    • Remember, SBS can assess your school's data needs from a software, skillset and education point of view, so please feel free to get in touch if you are unsure or want advice: misservicedesk@schoolbusinessservices.co.uk

Full message from ESS

SIMS / FMS Annual Entitlement Agreement – are you ready?

Your Local Authority’s (LA) Annual Entitlement (AE) agreement with ESS expires on 31st March 2022.  To continue to receive SIMS AE services beyond this date and to access SIMS Next Generation features, your school will need to enter into an AE agreement directly with ESS.  This agreement will be for a three-year term.

The process of contracting directly with ESS may be new to you – don’t worry.   The ESS Gateway provides you with a simple way to manage your SIMS and FMS AE subscription online. Through the Gateway you can confirm your school details, including pupil numbers and should you choose to do so, accept your new AE agreement.

 To review your SIMS / FMS AE quotation, which covers software updates and third line support from ESS for 2022/2023, please log onto the ESS Gateway using the details below.

 Accessing the Gateway:

  • Log in at: <GATEWAY LOGIN URL>
  • Your Username is {!Quote: Username;} 

You should only access the Gateway if you are authorised to create a contract on behalf of your school.   If you are not authorised, please pass on these login details to someone who is.

Most LA maintained schools are sub-licenced their core SIMS and FMS software modules, and in some cases SIMS Add-Ons and third-party products, by their LA, under the terms of an agreement between the LA and ESS.  Your new AE agreement includes a license for all the SIMS and FMS software currently licenced on your behalf by your LA for the term of your AE agreement.  It also includes the right to use all core SIMS Next Generation features released during the term of the agreement for the nominal sum of £1 per annum, 

You will need to enter into an AE agreement to ensure continued access to software updates and third line support for your licenced SIMS and FMS software, both to access support for your SIMS / FMS system and to receive the software updates you will need to undertake the summer census and other statutory returns.

For more information on ESS’ AE agreement, the Gateway and the investment ESS is making into new SIMS Next Generation features that are included in the agreement please see the FAQs contained here Gateway FAQs

The following documents are available for you to view online:

  • SIMS Gateway screenshots – there are different versions based on whether your LA facilitation agreement has been signed, and where it has been signed, whether you have opted for centralised payments.  Three different confirmation screens are included, based on:
  1. LA Facilitation Agreement signed and LA opted for centralised payments
  2. LA Facilitation Agreement signed and LA not opted for centralised payments
  3. No Facilitation Agreement signed at this stage

If you require any assistance please call us on 0345 222 1551 | Opt 3. or email misservicedesk@schoolbusinessservices.co.uk

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