SIMS Pay is changing!

Posted  20th July 2021
Posted by  Georgina Rowlands


SIMS Pay is changing names - its new name is Pay360 Education Payments

We wanted to let you know that as of 26th July 2021, SIMS Pay will be known as Pay360 Education Payments. But don’t worry, it is still the same product, functionality and service you know.

What does this mean for my school?

When you log into the system, you’ll notice the Pay360 logo in place of the SIMS logo and the new name - Pay360 Education Payments, is used throughout.

From 26th July, please use this new link to log in: 

What does this mean for parents who use SIMS Pay to make payments?

There’s no difference in functionality for parents. From 26th July 2021, parents can log in using the new link and will notice the new name and branding in the product portal. If they forget, the old SIMS Pay link will redirect them to the new page. A new message will also appear on the login page advising of the name change. Email notifications sent by the product will now come from Parents will also notice the new name displayed on their card statement when they make a payment, this will be ‘Pay360*school_name’ (rather than ‘Capita*school_name’).

What do I need to do?

  • Ahead of 26th July, please check your firewall restrictions are updated in line with the instructions provided in our FAQs.
  • Update the SIMS Service Manager (SSM) packages used by SIMS Pay. If SSM is set to auto install packages, the update will happen automatically overnight.
  • We recommend you communicate with parents ahead of the change to let them know that the name and login link will be changing as of 26th July. We’ve prepared the below text for you to use.

Text you can use to update your parents

The system you use to make payments to school is changing names. From 26th July SIMS Pay will be known as Pay360 Education Payments.

  • The way you make payments will remain the same - you’ll just notice a different logo (Pay360 by Capita) on the login page and in the portal.
  • The link to log in will be updated to
  • When you make a payment, you’ll notice the details on your card statement will show as 'Pay360*school_name’ (rather than ‘Capita*school_name’).
  • We would recommend that you add the new email address to your contacts/whitelist to ensure the emails are not marked as spam

What will happen next?

  • Monday 26th July - SIMS Pay will be off line between 1pm and 5pm to enable us to finalise the changes.
  • From 5pm 26th July - SIMS Pay will be available as Pay360 Education Payments.
  • ESS SIMS wanted to reassure you that this is only a rebrand of the product name and have created a series of FAQs to answer any questions you may have, alternatively please do call or email the service desk for any assistance on 0345 222 1551 | Opt 3 or email

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