The SBS MIS team completes Arbor accreditation

Posted  5th December 2019

We’re delighted to announce that we have become an accredited support provider for Arbor MIS

The Arbor accreditation team visited the SBS Milton Keynes office recently to complete our accreditation.
Arbor Accredited Partner

The full day's accreditation included:

  • 1-hour training assessment to evidence our capability
  • Service Desk troubleshooting test
  • Onsite inspection to observe our Service Desk
For the accreditation, team members completed a written test on each module to show their knowledge of frequently asked questions, navigation and top tips. They then delivered a mock training session assessed by two of Arbor’s senior Support Team members. We're proud to have passed with flying colours!

Objectives of Arbor and SBS:

We’re working together to give our schools the option to switch to Arbor MIS whilst keeping their trusted support team at SBS. Working with Arbor and SBS together gives your school:
  1. A cloud-based MIS which makes your essential admin and day-to-day work hassle-free
  2. Clear MIS data you can use to focus where it matters most
  3. An MIS Support Team who will help you save time on data management
  4. Peace of mind for statutory returns
  5. A team who will empower your staff to develop skills

The find out more about Arbor and the support of the SBS MIS team contact 0345 222 1551 • Option 5 or email

About Arbor MIS

Arbor MIS (Management Information System) is the hassle-free way for schools and trusts to get work done.

Whether you’re a primary, secondary or MAT, Arbor helps make your essential daily admin more powerful and less stressful – so everyone from your back office to your SLT can get on and focus where it matters most. We’ve already helped more than 800 schools and MATs make the switch to our smarter cloud-based MIS. With human support at every step! We offer school and MAT benchmarking too, for free. Head to to learn more.

About School Business Services MIS team

SBS is an accredited support provider for Arbor, delivering a wide range of MIS services to suit schools’ finances, staff and vision.

Consisting of ex-deputy headteachers, teachers and educational specialists, the SBS MIS team builds trusting relationships with schools, providing consultancy and training. In addition to MIS, School Business Services is an onsite, offsite and online support provider for Finance, HR and ICT. We develop the leading budget management software SBS Budgets, accessed anywhere via SBS Online. To find out more visit

Contact us

Please contact us on the usual number 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email