Updates to (SIMS) SOLUS3 and URLs

Posted  28th May 2021
Posted by  Mark Wilson


If this is not your area, please forward onto the relevant IT support or Technician in school, or if SBS run upgrades, please see summary information at bottom of blog.

What is the current situation?

Following on from the change to the new SOLUS3 Package Server URL, ESS would like to inform you of another required change that forms part of the separation from Capita.  There is a URL change we need to implement, this time it is part of a minor update to the SOLUS3 application.  To ensure that schools continue to receive updates to their SIMS systems via SOLUS3 we advise that the following activities take place in the following order:

Approve the following URL for access via your internet filtering systems:

When will I need to make the change by?

The new URL is live and available now, this means that as soon as the update to SOLUS3 is released, if users have added the new URL to their whitelist, SOLUS3 will continue to work as normal.  The old URL will remain in service until the end of August 2021.  

What is the impact for users of SOLUS3?

The downloading of patches and updates via SOLUS3 may fail if the new URLs are not approved for access via internet filtering systems and the update to SOLUS3 not implemented.


  • The school's IT need to update their web/internet filtering.
  • For schools that have their upgrades carried out by SBS, we will be carrying out the SOLUS3 update for them.
  • If the school's ICT run their upgrades, then they'll need to deploy the SOLUS3 update, before the end of August.

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