New Remote Service - Parent App Housekeeping

Posted  15th October 2020
Posted by  Laura Bagnall

We are now offering a NEW Remote Service - Parent App Housekeeping.

Here at School Business Services we know only too well that the burden on school staff is increasing and deadlines continue to come thick and fast. Our MIS Remote Services are designed so that our experienced team can carry out the processes for you; leaving you and your admin staff free to focus on other tasks.

Our Parent App Housekeeping Service Includes:

  • Running the duplicate contact report and dealing with/deleting unlinked contacts
  • Importing and editing of PAL letter to parents (adding school headers/footers)
  • Ensuring all parents have an email address and all are marked as primary
  • Remove duplicate telephone numbers and email addresses.
  • Import and run the estranged parent report
  • Edit contact details
  • Import, run and check the sibling link report
  • Personalize parental consent lookup table to match the school requirements
  • Personalize Dietary needs lookup table to match school requirements
  • Personalize medical conditions lookup to match school requirements

The cost for this remote service is £275 for Primary schools and £550 for Secondary schools

You do not need to be an existing SBS customer to book this service. Take a look at the Remote Services page for more detail on this and the other remote services we have available. Contact our MIS Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • option 3 or email to discuss this further or to book a service.