Introducing SBS Audits - Track all changes to your school budget

Posted  12th July 2021
Posted by  Simon Randall

Please note that the release of SBS Audits is part of a range of improvements to our software - Find out more

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SBS Audits is now available for SBS Budgets users! View your budget edit timeline and more!

    • Track all changes to your school budget
    • A tick in the box for annual audits – why and when did your budget plan change? And who made the change?
    • The module is particularly useful for MATs with multiple users accessing the same budget.
    • Convenient access via SBS Budgets

Can't work out what's changed in your budget?


Within SBS Budgets there is now a tab on the right, which when selected expands to show who made any recent changes to the on screen item. (Image 1)

Clicking the link to the Audit app brings you to the timeline below. (Image 2)

By selecting Data (left menu column) you can view all changes made on SBS Budgets and filter the results. (Image 3)

Selecting Details shows both the original and new values for any item that has been updated in SBS Budgets. This can be used to identify who made any changes and what steps are needed to undo any changes. (Image 4)

    What's next?

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