SIMS End of Year Procedures

Posted  6th June 2017

The final half term of the academic year means it's time to prepare for and carry out the SIMS end of year procedures, including creating a new academic year, setting up next year’s registration and year groups and the promotion of pupil/students from one year into the next.

Via the links below you will find Primary and Secondary phase-specific guidance for all of the year end processes in SIMS. These notes take you step by step through the tasks you need to undertake towards the end of this and the start of the new academic year.

Primary schools

Secondary schools

At SBS, we understand that it can be difficult to find the time to carry out the end of year procedures which is why we offer the ‘End of Year’ remote service; where we carry out the SIMS processes for your school, freeing up your valuable time for other tasks.

School End of Year

Our service creates the new academic year in SIMS
(Schools Information Management System). Download PDF →

Alternatively, you might like to consider attending our ever-popular 'Preparing for the New Year'. training course in London later this month. Full details along with how to book can be found here. Many schools have already booked their remote service or on-site consultancy for the End of Year. If you haven't got something booked in but would like to arrange this, please contact our Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • option 3 or email