SIMS Spring Census guidance 2019

Posted  8th January 2019
SIMS Spring Census

The SIMS Spring Census will be on Thursday 17th January 2019

Happy New Year from us at SBS and apologies for being the bearer of bad news, it’s the Spring School Census next week and to get you going with it we’ve got you the Producing the Census guides for you, along with some key information and some common issues along with an Errors and Resolutions document to help understand some of the issues.

Producing the Spring Census


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Validation Errors and Resolutions

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Changes to the School Census Spring Return include the following:

  • Census date 17/01/2019
  • Attendance collected from the start of the 2018 Autumn term to 31/12/2018 The Attendance collected from date (located in the Census Details panel) is now read-only and displays the start date of the Autumn term as recorded in the School Diary (via Focus | School | School Diary).
  • Exclusions collected from 02/04/2018 to 31/08/2018
  • Free School Meal Eligibility collected from 05/10/2018 to 17/01/2019
  • Learner Support collected from 01/08/2018 to 17/01/2019

Class information

Details are required of all classes running at the selected time on census day (17 January 2019). The ‘selected time’ is based on the last digit of a school’s departmental establishment number as follows:

Code | Descriptor

2, 3 or 6 | The selected time is one hour after the start of afternoon school 4, 7, 8 or 9 | The selected time is one hour after the start of morning school 0, 1 or 5 | The selected time is one hour before the end of morning school

Downloading and Applying a Fileset

Please note: a new Fileset 1102 is being released by Capita ready for your School Census and should be with us later this week, so watch out for the next BLOG. This new fileset solves a variety of validation errors and contains the latest DfE information. Please check that you have had your SIMS upgrade and are on SIMS version 7.184 and then import the latest file.

Report Changes

Changes to the School Census reports include the following:
  • Proficiency in English information has been removed from the On-Roll Basic Details report, as the information is no longer required by the DfE.
  • The Absentees report is now based on pupil/students who have an absence rate of 10% or above. Previously the report was based on pupil/students who had missed 14 sessions.
  • The SEN status S (Statement) has been removed from the SEN detail report header. This SEN status is no longer valid and therefore not collected in the return.
  • The EYPPE report has been renamed EYPPR (Early Years Pupil Premium Receipt). The report now displays information applicable to pupils in receipt of Early Years Pupil Premium. The AP Placements report has been removed from the return because Alternative Provision Placement information is not required by the DfE.

If you would like an onsite consultancy visit to help you with the running of the school census or wish to book our Census Remote Service then please call us on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email