TeamSOS Heron Way Primary School case study
  December 13 2021
An inspiring example of how a Primary School replaced radios with teamSOS for their incident response solution
5 ways teamSOS will help your school next term and beyond
  August 06 2021
Safeguarding, Ransomware, Staff safety and wellbeing, Covid-19… there’s so much to plan for.
Microsoft Teams – Safeguarding Measures
  May 07 2021


With more and more schools moving over to Microsoft Teams for remote learning in light of COVID-19, safeguarding is very important when students are using Teams.
Guest blog: Safeguarding in the digital age
  April 07 2021
The last year has proved just how dependant we all are on the internet, with lots of us spending significantly more time online. However not everything we read online is true, we have been concerned by...
The end of Windows 7 and what this means for ICT security
  January 14 2020
As of today, the 14th January 2020, Microsoft will no longer be supporting Windows 7! What does this mean? Microsoft will no longer create and push out Windows updates There will be no more sec...
Schools and Ransomware in 2019 - Guest webinar from Redstor
  September 24 2019


To inform proactive ICT planning for the 2019/20 academic year, and following our previous guidance on schools and ransomware, this is a blog and accompanying webinar from our expert Online Backup p...
Important: Spam emails
  June 24 2019
.enforcedisplay { display: block!important; } We are seeing an increasing number of spam emails slip through the spam filtering net into users' inboxes. Typically these spam emails come from use...
Email security update for schools
  February 07 2019
It has been brought to our attention that we have had a couple of instances where a rule has been set up within Microsoft Outlook email client to forward all emails to a different email address. We...
NEW Training Schoolz Module
  December 12 2018
Great for every School - Primary, Secondary, Specials and MATS Do you need a simple, fast and effective way to make sure your staff training is kept up to date? Training Schoolz is an online servi...
Schools receiving generic terrorism hoax email
  March 19 2018


Please be advised that schools have received emails today claiming that there is a student onsite with a bomb and are demanding $5,000. We have contacted the anti-terrorism unit and they are treatin...