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SBS Budgets - Budget Management Solution

"I have used SBS Budgets for a few years now and have always been completely satisfied with their product and the service that I have received."

Lime Academy Trust
Chingford, London

"I’ve found the software reliable, easy to use and set up of new schools has been incredibly simple as we have grown."

"I find the SBS Budgeting system to be simple and straight forward to use and the customer service that we receive from the team is excellent."

Seaton Federation

"Days spent on payroll reconciliation each month have been reduced to just two or three hours."

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you have put in and support I have already received with this software. It is really appreciated and I wish more companies worked like you."

Suckley School

"SBS Budgets makes budget setting a whole lot easier, providing easy-to use staffing projections, user-friendly reports and comes with a great customer support helpline as well."

"We’ve been using SBS Budgets in our Trust for last 2 years and we’re really pleasedwith both the functionality of the product and the quality of the support from the Team."

Finance & Accounting

"Three years on in April 2020, I can honestly say my confidence, knowledge and understanding of school budget planning systems and procedures are unrecognisable."

"SBS is on hand throughout the year and we have found them to be efficient, knowledgeable and professional in their approach."

"I was able to jump straight into my new role with confidence at a very busy time for the school. The SBS team also provided aftercare support via the Service Desk."

Preston Manor School
Wembley, London

"Our consultant was extremely professional and helpful throughout the whole process."

Queen Elizabeth’s School
Wimborne, Dorset

"I was able to jump straight into my new role with confidence at a very busy time for the school. The SBS team also provided aftercare support via the Service Desk."

"We anticipate we are able to save significantly thanks to SBS’ ICFP document. They have allowed us to target our inefficiencies…"


"We have been an ICT customer of School Business Services for over 7 years. I find them extremely helpful and knowledgeable."

"Christ Church Primary School has enjoyed a very productive and strategic partnership with School Business Services support for several years."

"SBS have always listened to what the school has had to say and adapted their practices to suit our needs."

"Since employing SBS as our IT support service, our IT system has become more reliable and robust."

"On assuming responsibility for the contract, SBS quickly stabilised the situation and began a programme of improvement that has transformed our confidence in the service."


"Through their SIMS support, the SBS MIS team has saved me money, time and many headaches in both the technical and strategic advice we receive."

Gildredge House

"The support we have received from SBS with the administration of our MIS has been invaluable."

"We would like to thank you and your team for great support. Being there at the end of the phone, remote access and in person."

"I will be recommending SBS to friends and family who wish to pursue a career in school administration."

"I am writing to highly commend the work of Ms Reed at our school over the past two years. "

"Without any doubt the most competent, effective and efficient company I have worked with in my 34 years in Education."

"Having struggled with Management Information Systems that were not fit for purpose for some years, Swiss Cottage School made the decision to switch to SIMS in the Autumn of 2012."

"They are responsive, knowledgeable and professional, everything we needed to replace our previous support organisation."

United Learning Trust

"SBS have supported the United Learning Trust in multiple instances where a SIMS application has had to be migrated from a predecessor school into a new academy."