Additional Remote Timetabling Courses - enhance your skills

Posted  6th May 2020
Additional Remote Timetabling Courses

SBS have created some additional remote timetabling courses to help you build next year's timetable and develop your own skills.

These remote sessions are delivered in demonstrations for 90 minutes. We have created a page on our website providing more details under Additional Modules and the training will be delivered over Microsoft Teams or a similar solution and allows time for you to ask questions. The course includes:

Creating a two week timetable.

  • Scheduling the two weeks directly
  • Creating a second week based on the first week
  • Using the interleave process
  • Converting a 1 week model to a 2 week model
  • Adapting the cycle to use interleave
  • Changes to staff, rooms, subjects, levels
  • Dealing with doubles in preparation for interleave
  • Scheduling single lessons
  • Creating the second week using interleave

Starting your timetable early.

  • Overview of different approaches
  • How to transfer the timetable for a June start
  • How to create next years timetable based on the June's timetable
  • 6th Form courses and levels

Dealing with split lunches and breaks.

  • How to use the cycle to reflect reality
  • How to schedule split lunches and deal with staff rotas

Approaches to scheduling 6th Form classes.

  • The approaches to dealing with 6th form classes
  • Different curriculum models in the 6th form
  • The use of clashing blocks to enable pupils to continue their courses
  • The importance of dates and levels with regard to the 6th form census

Using SIMS and Nova T to meet the needs of the SEN department.

  • The use of alternative curriculum mode
  • Adding teaching assistants to classes
  • Dealing with breakout classes
  • How best to include SEN units in the timetable

Booking and pricing

Modules for this course can be purchased individually for a price of £50. For more information on what these modules offer, please see our dedicated course page. To reserve a space on this course or if you require any further information, please click the button below: Email our team → or call 0345 222 1551 - Option 3

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