The SIMS Summer Upgrade is now available!

Posted  27th July 2020

SIMS Version 7.194 has been released, get your upgrade here.

The final upgrade of this academic year is within reach. Our team are now booking in and carrying out the SIMS summer upgrades for our schools, and if you would like to call or email in and let us know when you would like this to be carried out we would be very grateful.

The headlines for this release are:

  • The Documentation Centre has changed (but don't worry you still access them through SIMS and the Documentation link
  • Y codes can now be recorded via Take Register and Edit Marks
  • The temporary attendance codes (7, 8 and 9) will be added to support COVID-19 reporting (if they have not already been added by a previous patch)
  • New behaviour columns can now be added to a Student List Report
  • Introduction of Initial T Level Qualifications (Secondaries)
  • Candidate Statement of Results and Certification Broadsheet Reports provided in SIMS (Secondaries)
  • Access to the School Census (Hooray!)
  • Access to the School Workforce Census (Double Hooray!)
For the full list of all the new features and fixes download your copy of the latest release information below: Combined Release Note → English Primary Release Note → English Secondary Release Note → Please note: Secondaries will require this upgrade to be applied before Exams Day if you’re planning to use SIMS for exams analysis and Primaries will need it applied before the 1st October for census.

From all of us here at SBS whether you're working or resting have a great Summer :)

If you require any assistance please call us on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email
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