SLA Allowance - Training Courses

Posted  7th April 2021
Posted by  Laura Bagnall

Did you know that you can use your Service Level Agreement allowance towards training courses?

If you have a Service Level agreement with School Business Services, you can use some of this time to attend our MIS training courses. 

Our training courses are great way to brush up on skills, for new starters who are new to a role or someone who is thinking of changing roles. 

Our Training Courses

We have a variety of training courses delivered throughout the year on different topics and areas of your MIS System

SBS currently have an offer on our training courses - 2 attendees for 1 hour SLA Time (2 can attend for the price of 1 person)

Please visit our page to find out more information on these.

Bespoke Training

We can also deliver Bespoke training to your school using your SLA Time.

SBS can cover all topics and adjust the training to how works best for each individual school. 

For more information about what training courses would be best for you, please see our dedicated training course page.
If you require any further information email our team or call 0345 222 1551 - Option 3

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