SIMS Autumn Census guidance 2018

Posted  21st September 2018

The SIMS Autumn Census will be on Thursday 4th October 2018

With October coming around fast it’s time again for that joyous thing that is the October School Census. To help with carrying it out we’ve gathered all of the guides and dates, together with the latest fileset into one place. There are a few things that have changed since the last October census and we have listed these below:

Service Child Indicator

This will now be collected for all three School Censuses of the year, rather than just in School Census Spring

Early Years 30 Hours Code

  • This code can be carried forward from the previous year, as the it will not change for a pupil even if the eligibility changes
  • Hours and DAF cannot be carried forward as they are likely to change for the new academic year

Post 16 Learning Aims - New Technical Level Work Placement QNs

  • The DfE will add 16 QNs to its QWS
  • These QNs will reflect particular ranges of hours in placements
    • Band 1 - 315 to 329, Band 2 - 330 to 344, Band 3 - 345 to 359
    • Band 4 - 360 to 374, Band 5 - 375 to 389, Band 6 - 390 to 404
    • Band 7 - 405 to 419, Band 8 - 420 to 434, Band 9 - 435 to 449
    • Band 10 - 450 to 464, Band 11 - 465 to 479, Band 12 - 480 to 494
    • Band 13 - 495 plus
Please note: The Nationality and Country of Birth will not be included in School Census Autumn 2018

Preparing for the Autumn Census

Primary, Special & Nursery Schools notes

Download now! →


Download now! →

Post-16 Data

Download now! →

Producing the Autumn Census

Important dates in the Autumn collection

Attendance Collection: 02/04/2018 – 31/07/2018 Exclusion Collection: 01/01/2018 – 01/04/2018 FSM Eligibility Collection: 18/05/2018 – 04/10/2018 AP Placements Collection: 18/05/2018 – 04/10/2018 Learning Aims Collection: 01/08/2017 – 04/10/2018 Should you require an onsite consultancy visit to help you with the running of the school census or wish to book our Census Remote Service then please call us on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email the SIMS Service Desk.

Downloading and Applying a Fileset

Please note:a new Fileset 1004 has been released by Capita ready for your School Census. This new fileset solves a variety of validation errors and contains the latest DfE information. Be aware that another fileset may be released before the census date, keep an eye on the blog for any updates. Please check that you have had your SIMS upgrade and are on SIMS version 7.182 and then carry out the instructions below to import the latest file. Download the fileset now! →

  1. Save the ZIP file to an available folder; it doesn’t matter what folder is chosen as the ZIP does not contain any sensitive data.
  2. Extract (unzip) the .mfs file to an available folder, it is fine to use the same folder as that where you downloaded the ZIP.
  3. Open SIMS and select Tools | Setups | Import Fileset.
  4. You can use the browse to select the .mfs file.
  5. A rectangle outlining the content of the Fileset will appear. If you are happy with the content you should click ‘Import Fileset’ button.
  6. A message will appear in the rectangle to indicate that the Fileset is being imported.
  7. When the import is complete a message will pop up reminding you that you should restart SIMS.
  8. After you have restarted SIMS you will see the new Fileset number displayed in the Statutory Returns applications.
Should you wish us to import the fileset for you please contact our SIMS Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email

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