Arbor New School Year Setup

Posted  15th June 2021
Posted by  Georgina Rowlands
SIMS End of Year Procedures

It’s that time of year again!

Who’s on the countdown until the Summer Holidays?

You all deserve a well-earned break after yet another very different year….but just before you pop off there’s a few little bits we need to get done so you’re all ready for September.

Check out Arbor’s 1 page guide to Setting up the New School Year click here to download...

Or alternatively here’s the full guides for Primaries or Secondaries... if you’re a Special school choose which ever guide is appropriate to your setting and if you have a Nursery click this link to schedule your Nursery registers! 

Primary schools

Download now!

Secondary schools

Download now!

Would you like SBS to complete this for you?

We know all too well how busy this time of year is so if you would like some help with carrying out these processes then why not take advantage of our Remote End of Year service where we can carry this out for you while you get on with your daily tasks.

Many schools have already booked their remote service consultancy for the End of Year. If you too would like to book a remote service, or would just like an answer to any questions you may have, please call us on 0345 222 1551 • Opt 3 or email

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