SIMS End of Year Procedures for 2022

Posted  29th June 2022
Posted by  MIS Service Desk
SIMS End of Year Procedures

So we're almost at the end of the Academic Year and it's time to start planning for September's new intake and New Year setup in SIMS – don’t wait for the summer holidays start prepping this now!

Via the links below you will find detailed guidance for all the year end SIMS processes, with separate booklets for both Primary and Secondary phases. These notes take you step by step through the tasks you need to undertake and they also include a handy tick list, so you can remember where you left off.

Here are the links for the primary and secondary user guides for ESS SIMS:

Primary schools

Secondary schools

Of course, the end of year procedures are just one more job for the busy school office has to fit in; that's why we have a remote service 'End of Year' designed to carry out the SIMS process for your school we just require some information to complete the process for you and relieve the pressure of this task from the school office at this busy time of year.

Would you like SBS to complete this for you?

We know all too well how busy this time of year is so if you would like some help with carrying out these processes then why not take advantage of our SIMS Remote End of Year service where we can carry this out for you while you get on with your daily tasks. Please note that it may be more cost-effective and empowering for you to subscribe to MIS Essentials for us to handle all procedures and returns and more throughout the academic year.

School End of Year

Our service creates the new academic year in SIMS
(Schools Information Management System).

A huge number of schools have already contacted us to complete their End of Year. You can use your SLA visits for either of these or you can book them in addition. If you too would like SBS to handle it for you, or would just like an answer to any questions you may have, please call us on 0345 222 1551 • Opt 3 or email 

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