SIMS Autumn 2017 Upgrade – v7.178


Sing! Dance! Throw a party! …Okay, maybe don’t get too excited, it’s just the new SIMS Autumn 2017 Upgrade.

We are starting to contact schools to arrange your upgrade over the next few weeks but there is one thing you must have done before we can do this.

You MUST have had your School Census authorised by the DfE/LA. The upgrade will stop you from being able to do anything with the Autumn Census once it has been applied.

To tell if your Census has been Authorised please login to COLLECT to check.

Whilst we will be contacting you to arrange a time for your upgrade to be carried out, we would appreciate anyone who feels like being a bit more proactive and calling in to book their time, as we do have a large number of schools to get through.

We will carry out the upgrade overnight and we suggest that you choose a date when your IT technician will be in on the following day in the rare case of any issues.

This release makes available the Spring School Census but other than that is mostly an upgrade that fixes a lot of little problems, please find the full release notes below.

Primary Schools

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Secondary School

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Any other questions and to book in your upgrade please contact the SIMS Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 3 or email

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