SBS Online 2017/18 National Insurance Calculations


The new 2017/18 National Insurance table is now available to apply to your budgets.

From April 2017, the employer’s contribution rate of 13.8% will remain the same, but the thresholds have increased slightly. You are therefore strongly advised to apply the 2017/18 NI table in all of your unfixed budgets to ensure your staff costs are correct from this date onwards. In addition, the new NI table also caters for NI calculations for those staff under the age of 21.

Instructions about how to apply the new table and activate the calculations for under 21′s can be found on the SBS Online dashboard page in the software.

This is a summary of the new thresholds:

Age Weekly Earning (£) Yearly Earnings (£) Rate (%)
21 or over ⩽157 ⩽8164 0
>157 >8164 13.8
Under 21 ⩽866 ⩽45032 0
>866 >45032 13.8

For full details about National Insurance from April 2017, please visit the website or click here.

If you have any questions about National Insurance or anything else, please call our Service Desk on 0345 222 1551 • Option 8.

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