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We had a number of projects on the go during the summer break; we have been working hard on our website as well as SBS Online developments.

August saw us deliver one significant item which we hope will be of immediate benefit to you – ‘improved salary statements’.

The improvements include:

  • The ability to import your school logo and assign to each statement
  • Specify a signatory name and upload a signature which is automatically assigned to each statement
  • Sign off dates automatically added to each statement
  • Additional detail to specify hours/weeks worked for support staff and monthly salary payments

Next up

We have some rather exciting news! We have been approached to provide budgeting software to a
fellow finance service provider to schools in the North. We are well under way with this initiative, which we hope will bring more ideas to further improve the software.

Following this we will swiftly be turning our attentions to providing you with the ability to make multiple edits and amends with a single action. This will empower users to edit names, mappings and values quickly and efficiently, further improving the usability of SBS Online, and further showing our commitment to development and our users.

SBS Online is the leading budget planning and monitoring software package for schools, trusts and local authorities. Learn more about how SBS Online can make your life easier.

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