Supreme Court decides that employment tribunal fees system is unlawful


Changes to employment tribunal fees

In July 2013 the Government introduced the Employment Tribunals and Employment Appeal Tribunal Fees Order 2013, which required all individuals to pay a fee to bring a claim to tribunal.

The Supreme Court has now ruled that the requirement for claimants to pay a fee to bring an employment tribunal claim is unlawful and that the legislation introduced in July 2013 must be quashed.

Unison argued before the Supreme Court that the introduction of employment tribunal fees in July 2013 was unlawful because:

  • it interfered unjustifiably with the right of access to justice under both UK common law and EU law;
  • it discriminated against woman and other groups with protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2010 as there were significantly higher fees for bringing these claims to tribunal.

The decision of the Supreme Court was based on the conclusion that the introduction of employment tribunal fees prevented a large number of employees being able to access justice as they could not afford the expenses of bringing a claim, this was highlighted by a significant drop in the number of claims.

It was said that the fees were also contrary to the Equality Act 2010 as they disproportionately affected women and other groups with protected characteristics.

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Teachers’ Pay Scales from September 2017

Teachers’ Pay from September 2017

All teacher pay scales have been increased by 1% from 1st September 2017, except for M1 to M6 which have been increased by 2%. Schools with pay structures for teachers which fall outside of these national scales can introduce custom salary scales.


SIMS Exams – results day guidance updated for 2017

SIMS Exams – Results day guidance

As the academic year draws to a close and we look ahead to the summer holidays, Exams Officers in particular are turning their attentions to preparations for the results days.


July Shorts

July Shorts

There have been a number of announcements these last few weeks – so here is your one stop source to all the information you need.


SBS Online Update – In-Year Balances plus more

SBS Online Update – In-Year Balances plus more

The latest SBS Online update contains a new in-year row balance for several reports, maximum scales for teacher contracts, and improvements to Excel exports and other commitments in the Budget Monitor.


Dear Accounting Officer – Land and Buildings Collection Tool

Dear Accounting Officer – Dates for your diary

Peter Lauener, Chief Executive of the ESFA, has written to all academy accounting officers and chief finance officers setting out a timetable for reports over the next 13 months. This includes the new Land and Buildings Collection Tool (LBCT) which is due for submission in October.


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