Key SBS contact for your Budgeting needs - Catherine Belchamber
  July 19 2021
We are pleased to introduce Catherine Belchamber who is your key contact for your school budgeting needs.
Introducing SBS Audits - Track all changes to your school budget
  July 12 2021
SBS Audits is available now for all SBS Budgets users. View your budget edit timeline and more...
SBS Online update - More assistance and clarity for users!
  July 12 2021
SBS Online is evolving to provide more assistance and clarity for our budgeting customers. New functionality ready for the summer and new school year. Plus, track all changes to your school budget with SBS Audits!
Watch our Wednesday budgeting webinars
  July 08 2021
Rewatch our series of budgeting webinars at your leisure
Budgeting focus groups - We want your views!
  July 07 2021
We’re rewriting our system, and want your opinions! We're delivering a series of budgeting focus groups to involve you, the users, in the rewrite of SBS Budgets.
Report the impact of COVID-19 on your budget in 7 easy steps
  June 25 2021
SBS Budgets enables you to create a bespoke analysis tag for COVID-19, in order to plan for COVID-related expenses.
Wednesday budgeting webinars - June 2021
  May 20 2021
We are delivering a series of free webinars focusing on budgeting
SBS Sync - True Integration for School Finance (IRIS Financials and SBS Budgets)
  March 08 2021
Let's avoid the time taken on confusing .CSV downloads with true integration between SBS Budgets and IRIS Financials.
National Insurance Rates 2021/22
  February 17 2021
This blog refers to SBS Budgets, our budget management software accessed anywhere via SBS Online. The National Insurance rates for 2021/22 have now been released by the HMRC. As in previous years, t...
Malware discovered on laptops provided by government
  January 22 2021
It has been brought to our attention that Malware has been found on school laptops given out by government. What is the latest? Teachers have reported suspicious files and the Department for Educa...