Introduction to SIMS

About this SIMS course

This remote training session is designed as an introduction for staff who are new to SIMS. The session will cover how SIMS works as a comprehensive management information system (MIS) and how the effective use of the software can support the running of a school and contribute to school improvement.


If you are new to SIMS this is the perfect introduction. This remote session will provide you with an overview of each area of SIMS, the related roles and how each part of SIMS links with the rest. The delegates’ handouts include a brief overview of the whole system plus a glossary; the trainer will cover some of the most relevant and commonly used terms.

This remote training session is aimed at staff in school who are new to SIMS and non-school delegates who are seeking a position in a school.


By the end of this course you will have a clear understanding of:

    • What SIMS is used for
    • The purpose of each SIMS Modules and how the module interact
    • Which roles within school use each module
    • Commonly used terms and their meanings
    • A greater understanding of the data held within SIMS MIS

Knowledge required

Basic knowledge of SIMS is required.

Should you require any further information please talk to us on 0345 222 1551 - Option 3
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