SIMS Dealing with Part-time Nursery Pupils

About this SIMS course

This remote training session will show you how to deal with your Part Time Nursery pupils.

Adding Part time dates to their registration panel. Whether Attendance modes is suitable for your school, assigning X codes over a date range and also patterns for those who do not attend every day.  We will also look at how to setup the Early Years Attendance Patterns.


This session will provide you with the knowledge of how to deal with Nursery pupils in SIMS, you will then have the skills to make the same changes in your schools SIMS. 


By the end of this course you will have a clear understanding of:

    • How to add part time dates to a part time pupils record
    • Whether Attendance mode is appropriate
    • How to bulk enter X codes (non-compulsory school ages absence)for the sessions that a part time pupil does not attend
    • To setup lookup tables, Provisions and assign Nursery pupils to their patterns. This will enable anyone looking in the registration panel within the pupils record to be able to determine which days and session they will be attending at a glance.

Knowledge required

Basic knowledge of SIMS is required.

Should you require any further information please talk to us on 0345 222 1551 - Option 3
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