SIMS Standard Reporting

About this SIMS course

This course introduces the user to the report designing process in SIMS with the objective to extract useful information from the Pupil/Student database in a variety of formats.

It will cover running predefined reports, modifying and creating reports to produce lists, creating reports to produce mail merged documents and labels, using the different output formats of Word, RTF and Excel, incorporating Sub-reports, Using the Analysis output and Exporting, Importing and using the My Favourite Reports panel on the Home Page.

Target audience

The course is aimed at day to day users of SIMS, specifically those responsible for adding and maintaining data in the database.

  • looking up student information
  • making adjustments to student details
  • sending letters home
  • dealing with leavers and admissions.
  • responding to information received about students and contacts


By the end of the course you will have a clear understanding of how reports are produced in SIMS and in particular be able to:

  • Produce lists of information
  • Produce Mailmerged address labels
  • Produce Mailmerged letters
  • Use Preview effectively
  • Use Filtering and Sorting effectively
  • Re-use and modify reports
  • Choose an appropriate output format

Knowledge required

Delegates must be familiar with the day to day use of SIMS, the range of data which is stored within the database, how that data is entered and maintained and can navigate their way around the menus.

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