SIMS Service
Levels & Options

Our specialist consultants will work with your school to develop effective and efficient use of all SIMS modules and ensure the system is used to its full potential.

SIMS Accredited

SBS will work with your Senior Leadership Team for whole school development.

Service levels for schools and academies

We offer three simple, core service levels to help you choose, and can then adapt your Service Level Agreement to match your school needs:

Option 1: Unlimited Service Desk support
Option 2 – Primary Schools: Service Desk plus 3.5 days onsite consultancy per year
Option 2 – Secondary Schools: Service Desk plus 6 days onsite consultancy per year
Option 3: Ad-hoc onsite consultancy visits

A bespoke SIMS services package can be devised, combining contract and ad-hoc consultancy and training, to suit the individual needs of your school and budget.

SIMS support coverage
for primary schools

  • Assessment & Analysis
  • Attendance
  • Dinner Money
  • Discover
  • Personnel
  • Profiles
  • Reporting
  • SEN
  • Staff Performance
  • STAR

SIMS support coverage for secondary schools

All of the primary school modules plus:

  • Cover
  • Examinations
  • Lesson Registration
  • Nova T6
  • Options

Full technical support is provided for all core modules plus FMS and Equipment Register. We also offer assistance wherever SIMS integrates with Microsoft Office products.

How SBS can support you

Visits will be scheduled by the MIS consultant assigned to your school, who will agree a draft timetable with you for SIMS visits during the year. SBS can then ensure that the most suitable and qualified staff are available for each monthly visit, to successfully achieve the following:

  • Ensure SIMS is used effectively in the school
  • Improve the  efficiency of admin systems within the school
  • Assist in improving Teaching and Learning
  • Improve communication between school and parents
  • Manage the admissions process efficiently
  • Review staff performance
  • Improve reporting to school governors and senior management

With the Ofsted Framework concentrating on quality of teaching and progress made by pupils since joining the school, SBS can audit the quality of data and ensure your school is able to provide evidence of progress. Our consultants have advised and built Assessment Tracking for many types of schools to assist in Assessment for Learning implementation.

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